I Don't Mean to be Rude But....

Photo courtesy of "The Thick Shop"

Photo courtesy of "The Thick Shop"

Ok...so I get it! When a new baby comes around, everyone tends to just gravitate to the baby. I too am a victim of this. They are just so stinking cute and they smell so good! Who doesn't love a good smelling baby. However, I will say this once, and leave it right here, please don't ask to hold my baby. Until he's like one, I prefer to reserve the cuddles for close family members and extremely close friends. Call it what you want. Call me crazy, overprotective, a little nutty even, but help me avoid the awkwardness when asked "oooo can I hold him?". And for the love of God please don't reach for him in an effort to take him out of my arms without even the slightest warning.

People who know me well, know that "saying no" is problem of mine. I always beat around "no" but flat out saying it has always been kind of hard. So... NO!

No you can not hold him because you didn't wash your hands

No you  can not hold him because you just smoked  a cigarette 

No you can not hold him because you JUST sneezed

No you can not hold him because YOUR child is sick

No you can not hold him because...umm..I don't know you (lol)

No you can not hold him because HE doesn't know you

No you can not hold him because I just don't want to give him up at this moment

No you can not hold him because, well, because I said so! : ) 

One other thing to keep in mind, infants put their hands in their mouth, so if you MUST get a feel, go for his leg, rub his knee even, but please don't go for his hands. He doesn't want to hold your musty finger so please don't slid it in between his tiny fists. AND NEVER should you ever kiss him in the face. If it makes you guys feel better, I don't even let his own sister kiss him in the face. Kisses to his hair only. And you better believe she washes her hands as soon as she gets in the house. Yea yea yea, babies need to be exposed to germs it boosts their immune system blah blah. I know that and in due time we will have our share of runny noses. But right now, lets try to keep some of those germs to yourselves and away from my baby. He's only about 90+days old. LOL 

Long story short, he's mine and before I know it, I'll blink and he will be too big to hold. When he's two and I'm chasing him like a maniac PLEASE, by ALL means HOLD him! Until then..............

Thanks for understanding and keeping your hands to your self! :)


A conflicted mommy who just learned to say no!