"The MOMager"

Recently my 4 year old competed in her first ALL NATURAL pageant! The director of the pageant doesn't allow any makeup, fake hair, false teeth (flippers), etc. Its really about highlighting the inner and outer beauty of the child. The competition wear was age appropriate (Minnie Mouse Poka Dot and Mardi Gras) and allowed the girls to dress up and just have fun. She left the pageant as the 1st runner up and is currently the reigning Little Miss North Illinois 2016. She also took home a few other category titles like Most Photogenic and Best Hair. Long story short, baby girl had a GREAT time and took home two crowns, 7 trophies and 3 sashes! Not too shabby for her first pageant. I never thought I would be the "pageant mom" because honestly I wasn't too keen on them. Granted I've competed and placed in a few pageant, but it wasn't until I was 16 when I competed in my first pageant. Let's be honest, Toddlers and Tiaras doesn't really paint the best picture of the pageant world, in my opinion. But after doing it, I can honestly say they aren't all what you see on TV. Will we do another one, its up for debate...but I'm open to it!

Aside from winning a title, we did get another cool perk. After the pageant, the photographers of the pageant approached us with an opportunity to photography my baby. They wanted to do an "edgy" kids shoot to submit to online kids editorial magazines and to enter into a new market. Being the over protected mom, as I should be, I STALKED the photographers before making my decision. I'm talking Google searches, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and personal websites! You want to photograph my child, I need to know who you are, what you do in your spare time and where these photos will end up. They all proved to be legit and we went through with the shoot. 

I must say I am pleased with how the pics came out! And my daughter...a NATURAL. No seriously. It was 40 degrees in Chicago the day we did this shoot and she did AMAZING! I was SUPER proud of her and she said she had FUN and wants to do it again. We plan to send a few shots to agencies and see where it goes. She definitely has the personality for it. But trust and believe tiger Mom here is going at this VERY cautiously. I was a child print and TV model and I loved it. My mom did a great job of making sure I only accepted age appropriate jobs that always put me in the best light. (Look up some American Girl, Montgomery Wards, and Target ads circa 1996 and you might see me haha) I also had an amazing agent that always stressed good grades especially since modeling did require some days out of school for look-sees and auditions. Nonetheless, I had a lot of fun!! Baby girl has mentioned numerous times that she wants to be on commercials like the other kids she sees....who knows you may she this face on TV sooner than you think! I just know it means more work for Mommie~

Take a look at some of the pics from the shoot! And if you're looking for a gorgeous 4 year old model, hit us up! LOL 


Location: Montrose Beach, Chicago, IL

Photos by: Anvar K. & Luis A.

Styled by: Janelle M.  (&Mommie lol)