Safety Series-Part 3: "Fire Safety"

Hellooo Mommies, Mommies 2-Be, GodMommies, Daddies and everyone else in between! I hope you all have enjoyed my safety series. This will be the last post on the topic of safety. It's so ironic that during this last month of all this talk about safety, I actually learned a few things myself; what to do and what not to do in serious situations. Originally I wanted to discuss my most recent encounter at the dentist office with Dreux, but this story was nothing compared to what we went through recently. Here's the story....

Two weeks ago, on the eve of the Father/Daughter dance, I was awaken by the most scariest BANGING on my door around 11:30pm. I hopped up franticly because naturally I thought someone was breaking in! (I looked back and apparently Hubby was not bothered lol) but my uncle, who was visiting from NY, ran to the door to open it for whomever was trying to get us. In a matter of seconds he yells "Everyone get out! It's a fire. GRAB DREUX." 

"I ran for my life Lord Jesus...didn't grab no shoes or nothing!" -Sweet Georgia Brown

Having only been awake for a max of about 30 seconds, I ran to where Dreux was sleeping, grabbed her out of her bed and ran straight to the door. When I reached the hallway the smoke was thick and all I remember was two firefighters on the ground escorting us out the unit and telling us to get down to the ground! I placed my left hand over Dreux's face as I flew down 3 flights of stairs with her in my arms. Literally FLEW!  It wasn't until we got outside I realized I had on no pants, no socks, or shoes LOL. Dreux's blanket was still wrapped around her little frame and she too had on no socks or shoes. I passed her on to Daddie as I tried to catch my breath and positioned her blanket around my waist for a makeshift sarong to cover up my granny/pregnancy panties. (Thank GOD it was 60 degrees out this night!) 

My heart was racing and Baby Yelve was doing flips in my tummy. You try running down three flights of stairs with a 40lbs child 5 months pregnant in fear that the building you are in will go up in flames at any moment. Its pretty scary. Once I caught my breath, I looked over at my daughter who was now in Daddie's arms to make sure she was ok. She hates loud noises so she was lying on his shoulder covering her ears from all the sirens, still half asleep. I asked her was she ok and if she knew what was going on. Apparently Dreux hadn't woken up until we were half way out the building. She said "I just remember mommy holding me on the stairs". She didn't seem frightened and her only concern was if she would still be able to go to Father/Daughter dance the next day (lol) Kids! 

An hour and a half later, we were allowed back in the building. Derek and I sat down to recap everything that happened. Laughed at the fact that he slept through the BANGING but seriously discussed our "fire exit". Years ago we brought up the topic of what to do in the case of certain emergencies, a fire being one. We agreed that I would grab the child and just get out! He was adamant about not worrying about him. Now that we were actually faced with an emergency, my motherly instinct was at an all time high! Getting to my baby and getting her out the house safely was my ONLY priority. Wallets, phones, shoes, and...pants...were of no importance. I had no idea where the fire was, how long they had been trying to get in the house, I just heard "FIRE" and instinctly ran to my child! I don't even think I woke Derek up (lol). (Honestly I did turn around before I made a beeline out the house and saw him on my heels so I knew he was ok! : ) )

Parents, grandparents, care givers, baby sitters, aunties, uncles, cousins, is SO important to have a fire exit plan! Who is in charge of what? What door/windows do we use?What items do we grab? Where are they? Are they in a visible and accessible place? Do you own a fire extinguisher? Do you even know how to use one? These are questions that need answers BEFORE a fire! 

While I did get my daughter, myself and my unborn out alive, we left EVERYTHING! We had no phone, no IDs, no shoes, and did I mention NO PANTS lol. I looked around at the other tenants and they all had on shoes, jackets, purses, pets and all! Luckily nothing of ours was lost in the fire but in the HEAT of the moment you don't think about these things, so its such a great idea to have a strategy for situations like this. A lot of my close friends are buying homes and staring families. Have these conversations now! If the kids are old enough to understand, involve them in the conversation so they know what to do if the house was ever on fire. Stop. Drop and Roll just isn't good enough. Make sure they know how to dial 911 and begin teaching them important phone numbers. (I taught Dreux my phone number to the tune of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song, and it worked great! Granted when asked she sings it, but whatever!) 

The fire was in the unit directly below us. They lost their entire kitchen. It took days for the smell of smoke to dissipate from the building but we are EXTREMELY blessed that everyone in the building was able to get out and no one was harmed because it could have been a lot worse. AND Daddie and Dreux still danced the night away at Father/Daughter dance the next evening as if nothing every happened! 

**The picture above was taken from our kitchen window after the fire was extinguished. The debris was everything from their kitchen :(