#HBCUGrad Maternity Pics!

Maternity shoots are a must these days! They are fun and great to have as memories of when your body completed transformed into a baby incubator for 9 sober months of your life! LOL I love looking back at what I looked like when I was pregnant with Dreux and how different it has been with DJ.

Derek and I wanted to keep it simple and we knew we wanted to include the entire family. I came up with the idea of doing an #HBCUGrad photoshoot since we are both PROUD graduates of our alma maters, and with the tone of things today, it just seemed right! Derek ordered our shirts from a company started by a fellow Aggie of his, UrbanArgyle (can I get an Aggie Pride...LOL). We called our good old friend Dion of Immaculate Perception Photography, who happened to do our first maternity shoot, and the rest was history! I couldn't be more pleased with how the pics came out! We told him what we were going for and he executed the rest, with snacks, bubbles and all! LOL We had fun! 



Derek b.k.a "Daddie"- North Carolina A&T Grad Class of 2010

Dinai b.k.a "Mommie"- Hampton University Grad Class 2010 (QT7 whoop whoop) & 2011

Dreux b.k.a "Big Sis"- Future HBCU Grad Class of 2034

"DJ" b.k.a "Lil Brother"- Future HBCU Grad Class 2038


UrbanArglye (HBCU and Future HBCU shirts & onesie)


Immaculate Perception


Roosevelt Collection, Chicago