I Am Two & Through! Or Am I???

I found out I was pregnant Jan. 1st at 9am in the morning.  September 10th seemed like such a long way then. Its starting to set in that in 30 days (or sooner) I will have TWO kids! A little girl and a little boy! The perfect little pair! These last couple of weeks have been tough as DJ has displaced just about ever organ in my body. My bladder might as well be non-existant as it holds nothing for longer than about 5min now. My back is constantly hurting. The nerves in my left leg are completely screwed and my hips barely fit through my bedroom doorway! But, as I sat and complained about by achy body, I quickly reminded myself that this might really be the last time I'm pregnant.

I've had a very easy pregnancy honestly. No serious complications and my hair has never been longer and healthier (lol). So why complain? My son is healthy, as far as we know now! I'm healthy and this experience is coming to an end. It kind of made me sad. No more kicks to mommy's tummy. No more 3am bathroom breaks. No more bump! Yes I'm ready to meet his chocolate little face and kiss those small little feet and be reminded of the sweet scent of a new baby, but the idea of knowing this stage is ending is a bit sad. They grow so fast! He will soon enter this cold world and he will no longer be protected by Mommie's warm and snuzzily womb. Tears are welding up even thinking about it. Before I know it he'll be going to Kindergarten! (Lets not even discuss how mature Dreux is now....and the fact that she WILL be going to Kindergarten next year). I see why people keep having kids. LOL To relive those first special moments you can never get back. That first little grin. How they squeeze your finger and nuzzle under your chin! Ahhhhh DJ, Mommie is actually ok if you stay in a LITTLE longer. I won't rush you anymore. I feel better knowing you are safe and sound in Mommie's belly!

So I'm making it a point to enjoy every ache, every pain, every nerve twinge, and every restless night for the next 30days, because before I know it he'll be here! The fun REALLY begins then!