Mommies & Mimosas: Sponsor Spotlight-Christa Alyse Designs

When I first had the idea for Mommies & Mimosas, I knew I wanted to celebrate other mothers, both young and "seasoned". The idea for Mommies & Mimosas began YEARS ago. However, life happened and the event never did...But late last year, something whispered to me "it was time" and here we are a little over a month out until the event! I wanted to highlight my TOP sponsors in an effort to support them and their work as they have done for me with Mommies & Mimosas. Enjoy! 

I’ve always loved designing but my own wedding kicked started me into starting my own custom Invitations business. I realized I enjoyed making beautiful paper products and wanted people to have the invitations they dreamed of in their budget.

Christa Alyse Designs (Chicago, IL)

Christa Carter-Williams (Owner)

One of my FIRST sponsors was Christa, Owner of Christa Alyse Designs. I've known Christa for years (she's an unDINAable Event prefrerred vendor) and she was on board with Mommies & Mimosas from the start. A wife and mother to a 7 year old daughter and 2 year old son, this "mompreneur" specializes in anything party design related; specifically party styling and custom invitations. She launched Christa Alyse Designs: Gifts, Paper Goods, Party Styling four years ago after planning her own wedding. 

This avid bruncher, is also a party styling blogger and can offer some great insight into making your event look and feel amazing! It's definitely "in the details" and this Mom knows this all too well as her attention to detail is prevalent in her personalized and custom-made pieces. She advises other women and entrepreneurs that if you've found something you love to do, just do it [because] it will take you places and show you experiences you've never dreamed of. When asked why she decided to sponsor Mommies and Mimosas; her response : "It combines everything I love; charity, brunch and getting to know other mothers." Be sure to get your tickets to the event to meet this awesome Mommie!

You can check out some of Christa's work on her website at or her Instagram page @christadesigns. For your party styling needs she can be reached at