Mommies & Mimosas: Sponsor Spotlight- Crowned Curlies

As a mother to a very "tender-headed" daughter with long thick, tresses, I am always looking for the right product for her hair that makes styling and detangling easy on us both! I must be honest, I have resorted to beauty salon visits every three weeks so that I do not have to deal with the tears, the screams, and frustrations (on my part.) Finding the right product for "our" hair is difficult, yet very important to ensure it remains healthy and strong. Crowed Curlies may be the solution! 

Crowed Curlies is what you get when you mix nursing and education! In 2015, co-owners (and mompreneurs) Dominique Brown and Alexis Washington joined forces to create a natural hair care product line specifically formulated with children in mind. They set out to create a line that promoted positive self-image and self-esteem, while trying to lessen the frustrations of caring for children’s hair. With natural and organic ingredients straight from nature, Crowned Curlies understands the importance of what goes in your body as well as on it!

I am so thrilled they found me and have decided to partner with us for the 1st Annual Mommies & Mimosas: Brunch 'n Shower! When asked why they decided to sponsor the event they simply replied that "servicing mothers in need is simply beautiful". Crowned Curlies vowed to give back and found that the mission of this event spoke to their brand and mission as well. 

Advice to other mothers or women starting a business:

"Replace Fear with Faith and put your best foot forward! At some point you have to put 100% into your business. How can you possibly do that with a family? I truly believe it's all about balance. As a mother we put ourselves last, our dreams on pause because we are selfless. Take time to write down your visions and pray over them and let God do the magic". ~ Dominique Brown, Co-Owner & Mother of 2

"Never give up! It's hard work but it's worth it!" ~ Alexis Washington, Co-Owner & Mother of 3

Make sure you get your tickets to the event to meet these lovely ladies and learn more about their products. As a guest you will also leave with a special gift from Crowned Curlies! Be sure to follow them on social media! | @crownedcurlies

Thanks ladies!!