Mommies & Mimosas Recap!

Hey There!

Last month, I celebrated the 5th anniversary of the Young Workin' Mommies blog at the 1st Annual Mommies & Mimosas: Brunch 'n Shower! While technically I've been blogging for 5 years, this 5th year is the year I really plan to be more intentional. For years, I've blogged when I felt like it, or when I had the time. Never really making the time and setting aside the time to sit and just focus. As a mom there are always tons of things that "take precedence" like showering, making dinner, sleeping, etc. lol. So when I made it up in my mind that I was going to focus on creating an event that brought women (mostly mothers) together to fellowship with one another over great food and drinks, I couldn't 't help but intertwine the Young Workin' Mommies blog into this event. It was the perfect marriage. Being a mother and creating events are at the very core of my essence and I wanted to use that platform to create an event that gave back to mothers whom, unfortunately, are expereincing difficulties providing the basic necessities for their children. From that train of thought, Mommies & Mimosas was born!

For three years I've sat on this and finally just decided to move forward with it! I found every excuse in the book..."it will be too expensive", "no on will come", "finding sponsorship will be hell" "it will take a lot of time that I probably don't have" "I need to focus on MAKING money, not spending it" lol and on and on, but I put those negative thoughts to the side and looked at all the positive that would come of it! I am super proud of the outcome! Days following the event I drove to the New Moms headquarters on the Westside of Chicago to drop off all the items we collected at the event on their behalf. I was AMAZED by the amount of stuff my guests brought to the event! It literally took 4 trips and a large cart to get everything inside. 20 LARGE bags FILLED with items such as diapers, formula, kids clothing, women's business suits, cleaning supplies, and non perishable food items were delivered and will go to great use!

I'm am super thrilled, I got over that hump and am even more excited for next year's Mommies & Mimosas event! Who knows, it may be in a city near you! ;) 

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Letter from New Moms



Official Event Photos courtesy of Dion J. of Immaculate Perception

Videography courtesy of Cydnee Kennedy