My Right Hand

Mommies you ever feel like "if only there were another me, 'xyz'"

"If only there were another me, I could keep the house clean"

"If only there were another me, I could run all my errands in one day"

I'm sure your "if only-ies" could go on and on! Well I recently met Tiffany, owner of My Right Hand Gal, a company that focuses on giving working families time to focus on the things that matter most. My Right Hand Gal provides sitting, nannying, transportation, and errand-running services. How could I not see what this was all about, right?1?! Any parent knows that when you become a parent you give up a lot of "free" time and consequently add on additional tasks to your already jammed packed life. Let's be honest, it just doesn't seem like there are enough hours in the day! 

So in the midst of wrapping up wedding number 3 of 5, serving as a Table Leader for Diner en Blanc Chicago, all while planning a 1st birthday for son; I had run out of hours and sanity! So I reached out to My Right Hand Gal for a little help. 

The Process

I went online and filled out the quick request form. Basic question and literally only took a few seconds. From there I received a call from Tiffany for a more in depth assessment. She asked me things like "what chores the kids have around the house". "How I would expect a sitter to discipline the kids, if need be" (GREAT question btw), how I would describe my "parenting style". The assessment took about 20min but it was very thorough, which I appreciated. After all if you are going to bring someone into your home and expect them to care for your most precious cargo, they better know all it is they can possibly know about you and the kids. 

My Sitter

I was matched with soft spirited, Jade. When Jade arrived she was ON TIME! We had actually got up late that day and were still finishing up breakfast (at 1pm...don't judge us) when she arrived. She walked in sporting her My Right Hand girl tee & jeans and immediately introduced herself. She removed her shoes (a pet peeve of mine I mentioned to Tiffany during our assessment) and we went right into what I needed her assistance with for the day. Really I just needed someone to keep the kids out of my hair and out of my way. I needed to clean the house from top to bottom to get ready for the birthday party. And unfortunately answering all of Dreux's 17,672,301 questions while dancing around like a plumb fool to keep DJ entertained, was just not going to work for me. I graciously handed over my kids to her! LOL

What amazed me the most was how well DJ took to her. Anyone who knows my sweet DJ, knows he's a MOMMA's BOY!!! He sits on my hip all day and if you try to tear us apart, its a screaming war. (We have close family members this boy will not go in his grandparents lol). So much to my surprise, he literally reached out for Jade in the universal "pick-me up" sign and laid his head on her shoulder as if he knew this lady lol. That alone was a load off and one thing I was mostly afraid of. He gave her no problems when she put him down moments later for a nap. She spent the afternoon playing with Dreux and, I'm assuming, answers all her burning questions. Long story short, they all hit it off well and for once I had a solid 4hours to clean, grocery shop, and breathe for a moment, knowing my kids were in great hands. 

My Right Hand Gal was a blessing. I got a piece of my sanity back that day. Parents, seriously, this company is amazing and you would be doing yourself a huge favor by looking into how they can bless your life! LOL The prices are affordable and well worth it! Let them watch the kids a bit while you clean the house, shower, hell sit in your bed and watch TV, whatever! Be sure to mention the Young Workin' Mommies blog when you book with them! 

Check Them Out...

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Thank you so much My Right Hand Gal for such awesome profressionalsim, and an amazing experience. I felt like a weight had been lifted for those 4hrs! You know things are great when your 5year old asks "so when is she coming back"? :)