The Means to an End

Since my last post I've had a few "coming to Jesus meetings" lol. A lot of "what do I do now", "how do I get there", "how did I get here" and what the hell am I doing?? LOL Before I took this leap of entrepreneurship I meet and spoke with a few people, just to get their insight, buy-in, advice, etc. But nothing anyone said could have adequately prepared me for the journey I'm currently on. People recently have come to me for advice as they too plan to take the plunge and my first mind is to scream "DON'T DO IT" (jokingly of course). But in all seriousness, its not for the faint at heart! Of course we all hear the "it will be a struggle" piece but until you are actually knee deep in the struggle, you can't fathom the magnitude those words possess. Successful billionaires always speak in hindsight but I need to talk to the "broke you". The you that was eating pork and beans and tap water for dinner. The YOU before you were you. That's who I need right now. Its taboo to admit you are broke; despite one's situation its always viewed as weakness, irresponsibility, or the result of lack of education. But I'm none of those. Yet I'm broke! 

When I set out to journal my journey to entrepreneurship, I promised I would be transparent so years from now someone reading this will see IT CAN BE DONE. I guess I'm somewhat optimistic that this journey of mine will be well worth it in the end and ultimately bless someone else seeking a similar journey. (My husband would probably wish I would just shut-up about it lol) but I promise to only share things that I feel can help some else. So with that being said, while I won't share ALL my secrets, there are three things I want to share that are currently helping me stay above water financially. Now this may not work for everyone, but its definitely a blessing for us as the moment.

1) Instacart

Soooo about a month ago I started working with Instacart part-time. NO ONE knows this, so the cat is now out of the bag! If you haven't heard of Instacart its a grocery delivery service. (I know it sounds so "déclassé" lol) but let me tell you, its the easiest way to make some money. And if you are a mom, you know how to grocery shop. You may not like to, but I guarantee you know exactly where to find the cheerios, yogurt, and lunch meat in just about any grocery store! In a nut shell I grocery shop and delivery people's groceries. It doesn't sound glamours so to make yourself feel better, just tell yourself you're a private shopper! After working only 6hours my first weekend (3hrs on Saturday and 3hrs on Sunday) I made over $100. Not too shabby right? It doesn't take too much time away from the kiddos and its pretty simple! Sign-up! 

2)  Focus Point Global

Or any other marketing research agency. Before companies release new products, they go to market to get buy-in and insight through market research (i.e. focus groups, product trials, etc.). My friend referred me to this particular company as they were looking for bloggers to try out a product. I tried the product, wrote a mock blog, met to discuss my thoughts of the product and walked out with a $200 visa gift card. Since then I've also participated in a focus group for a product geared toward children and received $145 for giving my feedback on said product. You have to qualify for particular research studies but the ones I've participated in have been really cool and for top brands that I'm 100% sure you've either used or know about. It's definitely worth looking in to! (Another company to look into is Schlesinger Associates.) 

3) Direct Sales

This is not for everyone, but if you can stand behind the product, and have a sales mentality, it can bring in some significant money. Companies such as Mary Kay, Avon, Amway, and Pure Romance (wink wink) are just a few!  :) Do your research first of course! 

These options are not for you to LIVE off of, but to help fill in any gaps while not taking too much time away from your ultimate goal. Life is tough and we as people tend to find a good thing and want to keep it all to ourselves without helping our fellow man. Don't get me wrong, everyone doesn't have your best interest at heart and some people genuinely want to see you fail so you have to proceed with caution. But I'm not one of those people! I was always told "to whom much is given, much is expected". Let me know what other things have been working for you! 

Go Be Great! :)

NOTE: I'm not endorising any of these companies, I'm simply sharing my experiences and offering some suggestions! These companies have NOT paid me to say these awesome things haha (Though they probably should lol) 

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