Three Plus One Equals Four!

I guess it's getting pretty old that I start all my posts with "its been a while since i've posted" lol. So I won't say that. What I will say is that life as a mom to a four-year old is BUSY and because of the I just haven't found the time to sit and put all my thoughts to "paper". Oh, and have I mentioned I decided to take classes towards an Integrated Marketing Certificate program, Hubby and I are looking to buy our first home, I was recently promoted, oh and I'm still planning events. Yea, so between that, Pre-K activities, birthday parties, and gymnastics, Mommie & Daddie are QUITE busy! 

It is such a pleasure though to watch our little one grow into her own little person with her own big personality. She is such an angel! Beautiful, smart, well-mannered, and honestly the sweetest kid I've possibly every come in contact with -and I don't say that because I birthed her! LOL 

She's soooo awesome that Mommie & Daddie decided to have another!!! Yep thats right, baby number two is officially on the way! And Dreux couldn't be more excited. From small tummy rubs & kisses to Twinkle, Twinkle serenades, this baby is getting all the love from big sis Dreux. She is so protective of Mommie and Baby; reminding me that I need to eat more fruits and veggies and filling up my water cup when she thinks its too low! Its so cute watching her transform into this mature little person, super excited to teach her little sibling all she knows. "I will teach the baby how to talk" and "I will change her diaper". : )

The fact that within 5 months I will be a mother to two, is scary. Possibly scarier than finding out I was going to be a mother to one four years ago. LOL The breastfeedings, the sleepless nights, and diapers ALLLL over again while still tending to a 4-year old. Oh boy, I'm in for a treat!  

Any advice???? Like how do you grocery shop with two kids? How do you get them both in the car seat when its freezing outside? How do I ensure Dreux doesn't begin to feel neglected when majority of my time and energy now belongs to the new baby? When do I sleep...two years from now? LOL I say this jokingly but these are real questions and concerns. I'm sure I'll get into the swing of things and before I know it I'll be a pro -whipping boobs out for feeding while assisting with homework. 

Mommie & Daddie are excited nonetheless and can only pray for a healthy baby. And while Dreux is hoping for a sister, Mommie & Daddie have already claimed a boy! Guess we'll have to wait until next month to see if Dreux is getting a little brother or little sister! : )